Green Credentials

At Hilljet G8 Group, we recognise the potential environmental impact of our construction and refurbishment activities, and we’re constantly striving to minimise this impact, especially in the following key areas.

Waste Disposal

We minimise waste by using reclaimed materials and recycling our waste wherever possible. And we only use waste contractors who hold a valid waste carrier’s licence – with no exceptions – ensuring all our waste goes to authorised waste disposal sites.

Eco-Friendly Appliances & Materials

Wherever possible, we use environmentally-friendly and recycled materials, and we always encourage our clients to opt for the latest eco-friendly appliances and boilers.

Land Contamination

We comply fully with all relevant contamination regulations and guidance when developing sites with a history or possibility of land contamination.

Air Emissions                      

We work hard to minimise dust pollution during earthworks, drilling and demolition, and to reduce emissions from our plant, equipment and vehicles.

Noise Pollution

We operate our plant and machinery within strict timescales to minimise disturbance to residents and neighbouring properties.

Water Discharge

We keep all hazardous materials away from drains and watercourses, and all our waste water is disposed of in the most appropriate manner.